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innovators & co-creators

Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and automation of information is all around us —

from IBM Watson's 2011 appearance on Jeopardy! to the AWS powered NFL Next Gen Stats, and on the road with self driving cars.  

While these are fascinating use cases, there are more PRACTICAL uses of these powerful technologies in an enterprise: eliminating repetitive, mundane, and overall time wasting inefficiencies in businesses.  More importantly, these tools have evolved further and further to appeal to businesses of ALL SIZES with costs scaled to usage and expected efficiencies achieved.

It all starts with ONE question: What is your pain point?

Nothing excites our team more than the folks that bring the "It would be AWESOME if..." to the table.  Instead of throwing a chatbot at it, we choose to work together to help make the dream a reality, no matter how early in the journey you may be. Our team members understand that bringing modernized technology and AI into your business process is a strategic move. It is how you will define, model and execute solutions with the highest yield for your business.

Pittsburgh AI Works is the innovation division of Dagostino Electronic Services.  We bring decades of experience in consultation, design, development, and implementation of innovative digital transformation, systems modernization, artificial intelligence and machine learning services.  Between DES's longstanding expertise as a multi-disciplined systems integrator, and PAIW's span of advanced technology expertise, we are here to improve the human experience in the enterprise by bridging People and Processes with Technology.

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