Pittsburgh AI Works team members understand that bringing AI into your business process is a strategic move. It is how you will define, model and execute solutions with the highest yield for your business.  Our diverse professional backgrounds span multiple enterprise industries.  We work closely with our clients to help answer critical questions about AI, to prioritize AI initiatives, to determine what they will cost, and to calculate how much value they will bring to your organization.



Chief Innovations Officer

Rock Arkie is a global technology executive and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the development and delivery of complex solutions spanning virtually all core business segments: transportation, medical, retail, government, communications, education.  Rock served as senior executive at several technology companies contributing to their rapid growth and ultimate acquisitions including FORE Systems, iDirect Technologies and Vivisimo.  Post IBM’s acquisition of Vivisimo Rock led an aggressive and highly successful IBM Watson project design and implementation  team delivering  a complex Watson solution enhancing IBM’s Global customer support operation.


Chief Data Scientist

Evelyn has over 30 years of experience in AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) projects across multiple industries in both Public and Private sectors. She possesses a unique blend of business and technical acumen, with a solid track record of delivering enhanced productivity, improved financial and operational performance.   She leads all aspects of technical design, development, and implementation of advanced analytics projects to solve clients’ needs. She is an expert in state of the art predictive modeling and text analytics to provide rich insight and strategic advantage. Her client portfolio includes Boeing, IBM and PPG.



Mike is a technologist with over 25 years of experience in roles as an Architect, Manager, and consultant, and a technical specialist who has delivered transformational projects across key industries globally. Over the last 2 years at Deloitte Consulting and 5 years at IBM Watson, he has focused on the Cognitive and Analytics space, including Cloud, AI, NLP/ text analytics, machine learning and data science, conversational AI, enterprise search and big data. Mike has applied these tools to deliver First of a Kind solutions that enrich and automate and provide actionable data insights to deliver business value. From cognitive underwriting to AI powered search, Mike focuses on the creative use of technology to deliver proven results.



Over 23 years of experience in Enterprise Applications using application development and architecture expertise to design and build complex solutions involving Content Management, Portals, Document Management, Service Oriented Architecture, BigData, Search, Analytics, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence with the use of cutting edge technologies. He has delivered solutions in different industry sectors and multiple continents around the world. He is an expert delivering solutions using the IBM AI stack using Watson Explorer, Cloud Services, Watson Discovery, Watson Assistant, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and many more. He also helps explore the end-to-end cognitive and AI journey map for the customer through innovative solutions and creative applications. 



With extensive product design and development experience spanning multiple disciplines of engineering, Jon brings an entrepreneurial approach to AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) projects.  He has delivered a variety of solutions in the spaces of IoT/IoE, Industry 4.0, and Continuous Improvement and Quality that enhance productivity, increase operational performance, and promote company growth.  Utilizing Design Think Methodology, Jon coordinates project discovery, testing, and implementation between the PAIW team and the clients to craft end user-oriented solutions to ensure meaningful return on investment.