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COMMUNITY: Pittsburgh AI Works boosts data & AI startups with the "Be A Customer" program

"The best thing most of us can do for a young local company is simple: when you have the choice, choose to be a customer. It helps so much."

- Ilana Diamond, Managing Partner, 412 Venture Fund

Pittsburgh AI Works is much, much younger than Dagostino Electronic Services (DES), but having DES as our parent company gives us an unfair advantage in getting to present our solutions to prospective clients. We recognize it.


So, we developed the Be A Customer program to share our market access with complementary local startups. Through our website, client meetings, and guest appearances at our events, our network of Pittsburgh-based startups will get access to prospective clients seeking to preview the latest in specialized data, cloud, cybersecurity and AI technologies, and perhaps save time and money by not custom building a solution when one already exists.

This page shows the current participants.


  • The Be A Customer program is intended to assist young data, cloud, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence companies in being seen and considered by larger organizations.

  • There is no fee to participate in this program at any stage.

  • Applicants will be asked to provide a short presentation to explain their company and its offerings.

  • Companies are selected based on the value their products and services can provide to business and government clients.

  • Participants will have their companies and web addresses listed on the Pittsburgh AI Works web site, and will be mentioned and promoted at certain Pittsburgh AI Works events and webinars.

  • Referrals to specific clients will be made when appropriate, at the discretion of Pittsburgh AI Works or Dagostino Electronic Services. No warranties or guarantees are made, especially in regard to which clients or how many clients the participant might meet.

  • Startups and early stage companies interested in the program should use the form below.

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