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Data should be treated as a commodity for the business.  Whether the data is prepared in a clean, structured format OR it is unstructured, stuck in data silos and not being leveraged to it's fullest extent, our services assist organizations to uncover more value for this commodity. 


We are consultants, trusted advisors and solution designers that span the digital transformation roadmap. Our client engagement starts with digital enablement assessments and extends to highly-customized AI solutions.

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Our consultations are a series of investigations that contribute to a detailed roadmap outlining your business' path to digital transformation.

  • What is the Digital Enablement Assessment?
    A consulting engagement between our professionals and your key stakeholders to learn about your pain points and wants and needs and co-create best-fit solutions for your business.
  • What is the Digital Enablement Assessment For?
    •Know you need Digital Transformation but don’t know where to start •Know what you need from Digital Transformation, but need the best product fit or professionals to handle the work
  • What is the outcome?
    •A detailed report with insights to the discussions around the big picture, analysis of the as-is, to-be, and recommended solutions •Professional services to create and implement the solution
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Professional Services

Data Cleansing

Data Overload is an issue faced by everyone.  Duplicates exist and improper data structures lead to a Data Governance nightmare.

Pittsburgh AI Works utilizes industry leading tooling to clean datasets, allowing further data enablement activities for end users to come to fruition

Data Organization

With clean data, it is important to know how it can be accessed, who can access it, and assure it can be trusted.

This single source of truth for end-user data enablement activities is critical to the Digital Transformation Journey, and Pittsburgh AI Works is here to help establish the truth.

Climb the AI Ladder

IBM defines the AI Ladder as a continuous process of Collect-Organize-Analyze-Infuse.  With clean and organized data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be leveraged to uncover more insights from enterprise data, augmenting repetitive and mundane tasks to further amplify the impact of user experience.

At every point in your digital transformation journey, we design solutions using best-in-breed tooling. Our technology agnostic approach allows us to draw capabilities from our extensive partner and solution network, including:

  • IBM

  • Red Hat

  • Google

  • AWS

  • Microsoft & Azure

  • SAS Enterprise Miner


  • DataRobot

  • Tableau

  • Qlik



  • Node-Red

  • Python

  • R

  • Scala

  • JavaScript

  • Nodejs

Our services also include integrations with the 100's of vendors in the DES Partner Portfolio!

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