Using the power of IBM Watson Discovery, AI Expert Assist is a subscription-based solution that alleviates the research-intensive tasks of your knowledge workers. Finding information consumes 30% of employees' time. AI reduces these functions to seconds.   

AIEA - Locate Icon.png

Locate answers

with surgical precision

Comb through content in your connected data sources and get immediate answers - not simply a listing of relevant paragraphs. Use Case: Customer support agents can swiftly find accurate responses through natural language queries.

AIEA - Terminology Icon.png

understand industry acronyms and terminology

The AI can be trained to understand the language of your business industry. We construct a dedicated glossary of terms and teach the AI to recognize and use the industry terminology in the appropriate contexts. Use Case: A service technician in the field can quickly reference industry regulations.

AIEA - Compare Icon.png

Extract and compare
across documentation

With targeted training, the AI can perform complex comparisons, detecting critical anomalies in your data. Use case: Insurance brokers detecting potential fraudulent claims, or financial lenders comparing terms and conditions between complex contracts.





Reduce workload

generate revenue


Our As-A-Service model is entirely customizable to meet your targeted business needs.
We work with you to identify an AI application that will accelerate your workflow. We build and rapidly deploy a scalable AI solution. With our commitment to speed-to-value, your knowledge workers will be mobilized with the power of IBM Watson Discovery.