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  • Jon Colosimo

Help (Don't Replace) Your Workforce

In a recent newsletter sent out from IBM, the title "Reimagine Your Workforce" caught my attention. "Is Artificial Intelligence going to replace my job" is a topic of discussion all the time these days with the advanced technologies at our finger tips. I personally like IBM's take on it - "Turn your workforce into a talent force".

Automation and Artificial Intelligence shouldn't be looked at as a threat!

The question should be "How can Artificial Intelligence improve productivity and increase output"? We as humans all face repetitive, mundane, and time consuming tasks that makes a process feel inefficient. Pittsburgh AI Works tackles those inefficiencies with industry leading technology to help businesses of all shapes and sizes move towards their Big Picture Goals.

Check out IBM's Business Leader's Guide to Digital Worker Technology for Improving Productivity to understand:

  1. What are digital workers? And why are they important?

  2. How do digital workers compare to other digital labor solutions?

  3. Where are digital workers being used?

  4. What should you look for in digital worker technology?

  5. How can you ensure digital workers are embraced by your employees?

  6. How will digital worker technology evolve?

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