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  • Jon Colosimo

Pittsburgher With A Side of Automation

At Pittsburgh AI Works we constantly preach the phrase "working man's AI", and there's no better example of that than what IBM and Salient Process deployed to Primanti Bros., a staple in the Yinzer community.

In a recent news article, Primanti Bros. got to tout their ability to serve customers better, leaving the mundane and repetitive tasks of daily reporting to customized bots, making the reports available when the workers walk in the door, and allowing them to make decisions quicker that will affect the efficiency of the day:

"With bots, reports can be compiled in a timely manner and with zero manual input. Employees who would typically run those reports can be working on something else in the restaurant. Fewer people are needed in the office.

A sales and labor bot runs daily at 6 a.m. The information is available for review by 6:05 a.m. For example, if a report shows a high number of take-out sales on Saturday afternoons, then restaurants can be staffed accordingly."

And to make it even better, Primanti Bros. got to tout their Return on Investment only 3 months after it was deployed and live.


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