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  • Jon Colosimo

Generative AI and Regulatory Actions in Consideration

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Techopedia recently published an article titled "Tidal Wave of Regulatory Actions Hits Generative AI: Unraveling the Implications and Future of AI Legislation", which should catch the attention of anyone considering implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions, and more specifically leveraging the evolving phases of Generative AI.

We've seen all the posts on social media on the fears of it being leveraged in schools and colleges for essay writing or other plagiarism-prone assignments, and even have Universities beginning to implement new policies to deter its usage. All of that is understandable, but what about the other side of this ethical dilemma? What if someone used your data without your consent to train an AI model?

Make Sure Your Data Is Secure, and Don't Use Data You Don't Have Rights of Use For

"Companies utilizing AI-generated content face challenges in IP law, as they must ensure that their use of such content does not infringe on copyright holders’ rights.

Additionally, the legal status of AI-generated content varies across jurisdictions, complicating legal actions against copycats and counterfeiters.

Data privacy and security are paramount when training and using AI tools. The vast amounts of data used to train generative AI models carry significant risks if not used lawfully or if they can be reverse-engineered."

- Referenced from aforementioned Techopedia Article

The Techopedia article highlights regulation activity in the EU around their long standing data privacy regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as the UK's approach to data privacy. It's not surprising that they are on top of the ball in maintaining a strict data privacy stance, and it will be interesting to see what comes next in the United States.


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