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  • Jon Colosimo

Recognize Issues Before They Become Problems, Accelerate Problem Solving Overall

Ever start your work day with a task list prepared, only to get slapped in the face with a massive problem requiring immediate attention? Could the problem have been mitigated earlier by the root issue being clearly indicated before it snowballed into the larger problem?

The humans involved in the fast-accelerating business world are limited by the factor of time, and we have all faced scenarios where decisions have to be made confidently and in quick fashion.

Can you make an important decision, confidently and quickly?

Tools for Data Insight, such as Business Intelligence (BI) tools, are being leveraged more and more in businesses to assist humans in data parsing, presentation, and decision making. Paired with dashboards and visuals, simple methods like RAG (Red, Amber, Green) reporting can create beautiful, real time dashboards to grab your attention when needed. More importantly, they provide drill-through capabilities so you can interact with them to define root causes.

Go back to that all of a sudden massive problem that slapped you in the face this morning. What if you had insight to the issue before it became a problem? Could it have been addressed before it caused widespread panic?

Not Only Reactive, But Proactive

Imagine being able to leverage data by visualizing customer experience against certain business decisions, getting better insights to tackle supply chain constraints, or having the tools to implement, monitor, and report on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies. Now introduce a new variable into the scenario - how will it impact customer experience, improve supply chain, or assist in alignment with ESG? Once again, with Business Intelligence tools, historical data paired with Artificial Intelligence can bring that new variable into the mix, and help you predict the outcome in a data driven fashion.

See it in action!

Check out how IBM's Planning Analytics, Cognos Analytics, and Cognos Controller come together as an end-to-end Business Analytics solution:

(By the way, this can be deployed on AWS)

Also be sure to check out Pittsburgh AI Works' solutions!


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