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  • Jon Colosimo

Super Bowl Prep: How Ready Is ChatGPT?

Ever wonder how ChatGPT can be used to assist a brand's marketing strategy? It looks like Giant Spoon is going to put it to the test by letting it run it's Twitter during the Big Game.

How is it planned on being used?

All of Giant Spoon's creative department typically has to work hands on during these big events to ensure the brand is associating itself with where many eyes will be looking on a day like this upcoming Sunday. Instead of everyone having to work during the game, someone from Giant Spoon will just have to feed some real-time info into the query for ChatGPT to go to work on Twitter.

Why are they taking this test?

"Part of Giant Spoon's ChatGPT Super Bowl initiative will be an effort to boost awareness about the agency's creativity. However, it'll also be a test for ChatGPT and artificial intelligence capabilities, what the technology can do and what it will mean for the advertising industry.

In the past, Giant Spoon's experimentation with ChatGPT has been limited to internal graphics, pitch decks and some content creation. Should all go well during the Super Bowl, it could be a glimpse into AI's potential for future use in client-facing work."

Why this is cool for ChatGPT?

A question I always get asked about ChatGPT is "What does ChatGPT mean to me and how can it help my business?" Like all technologies that are in early stages, ChatGPT is another technology that anyone can experiment with any use case. As it pertains to what is the best use case for ChatGPT in the advertising industry (or any other industry in general), experiments have to be performed, especially with AI, to see if it drives similar if not better results by augmenting repetitive and manual tasks. The scene seems to be set for Giant Spoon to run this experiment and see how it raises the bar for AI in the advertising industry overall.

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